Sunday, June 11, 2017

A few showers possible early this evening in Duluth, stronger storms south. Nice Monday on the way, highs ~80. Storm reports from today in this post

/Issued 3:07 PM CDT, Sunday, June 11, 2017/

The bow echo that stayed south of Duluth today was well advertised as signals for it were showing up as early as a few days ago (Friday)  The 3km NAM and HRRR models did a very good job on the track and timing of this event, may of been off a bit but overall it wasn't by much.



12-hour Enhanced Infrared satellite loop beginning late Saturday evening 10:30 PM, ending at 10:30 AM this morning (Sunday)

Impressive long lived complex of severe thunderstorms erupted over central portions of South Dakota early this morning, rolled through parts of southern, central and eastern Minnesota and into western and central Wisconsin this morning.  Widespread wind damage and numerous hail reports with this powerful line of thunderstorms this morning.


Here's a visible satellite loop which also shows the extent of this massive complex of storms this morning.

Temperature departure map for the week of June 4, 2017.  Source:

Precipitation departure map for the week of June 4, 2017.  Source:

Note:  On average most of the Northland had below average rainfall totals last week, however, with thunderstorms rainfall totals can vary considerably in very short distances.

Local Storm Reports for Sunday, June 11, 2017

*3:17 PM CDT:  HAIL.  0.88 inch.  Prentice, WI (Price County)  Dime to nickel sized hail.

*3:03 PM CDT:  HAIL.  0.75 inch.  Spooner, WI 1 ENE (Washburn County)  Largest hail was dime sized.  Hail duration of 4 to 5 minutes.

*1:10 PM CDT:  HAIL.  0.25 inch.  Grantsburg, WI (Burnett County)

*12:25 PM CDT:  HAIL.  0.75 inch.  Grantsburg, WI (Burnett County)  Largest hail was dime sized.

*11:30 AM CDT:  THUNDERSTORM WIND DAMAGE.  Prentice, WI 1 NNW (Price County)  Multiple trees down with the largest being 8 to 10 inches in diameter.

*11:23 AM CDT:  THUNDERSTORM WIND DAMAGE.  Phillips, WI 10 E (Price County)  Several trees down.

*10:16 AM CDT:  THUNDERSTORM WIND DAMAGE.  Sarona, WI (Washburn County)  A few trees downed and blocking a road.

*10:15 AM CDT:  THUNDERSTORM WIND DAMAGE.  Spooner, WI (Washburn County)  Trees and branches down.  Largest was one foot in diameter.

*10:10 AM CDT:  THUNDERSTORM WIND GUST.  70 mph.  Shell Lake, WI (Washburn County)  Estimated 60-70 mph winds.  Lots of branches down.

*10:00 AM CDT:  THUNDERSTORM WIND DAMAGE.  Siren, WI (Burnett County)  One tree down.

*9:57 AM CDT:  THUNDERSTORM WIND DAMAGE.  Siren, WI (Burnett County)  Numerous trees down across the north side of Siren.  The largest trees were 12 inches in diameter.  In addition, a pontoon and lift were lifted and ripped off a dock and set down 15 feet from its original location.

*9:55 AM CDT:  THUNDERSTORM WIND DAMAGE.  Webster, WI 4 SSE (Burnett County)  Half of their pine tree broke off from the thunderstorm winds.

*9:42 AM CDT:  THUNDERSTORM WIND DAMAGE.  Grantsburg, WI (Burnett County)  Multiple reports of trees and powerlines down.

*9:40 AM CDT:  THUNDERSTORM WIND DAMAGE.  Grantsburg, WI (Burnett County)  Temporary green house on Highway 70 on west end of town destroyed.  Power out in the city.

Temperature and precipitation report for Duluth, Minnesota (Airport location)

June 4-10, 2017

High temperatures

6/4:  83 F/+15 degrees above normal
6/5:  71 F/+3 degrees above normal
6/6:  74 F/+6 degrees above normal
6/7:  82 F/+14 degrees above normal
6/8:  78 F/+9 degrees above normal
6/9:  71 F/+2 degrees above normal
6/10:  88 F/+19 degrees above normal

Low temperatures

6/4:  50 F/+4 degrees above normal
6/5:  45 F/-1 degree below normal
6/6:  40 F/-6 degrees below normal
6/7:  44 F/-3 degrees below normal
6/8:  54 F/+7 degrees above normal
6/9:  50 F/+3 degrees above normal
6/10:  54 F/+6 degrees above normal

Total precipitation:  1.22"
Normal:  0.90"
Departure:  +0.32" above normal

Weather Synopsis

The risk for showers and thunderstorms will continue into this evening over east central Minnesota and parts of northwest Wisconsin with a threat for heavy rain, hail and gusty winds.  Right now it looks like the main threat for strong to severe thunderstorms will remain along and south of a line from Sandstone and Solon Springs, east toward the Mercer area.  North of that area expect a few showers into early this evening this would include the Twin Ports and the Highway 2 corridor and also along the South Shore of Lake Superior in northwest Wisconsin.  Far northern Minnesota could get a few showers or thunderstorms as well mainly this evening.

Monday will be a much nicer day as the frontal boundary driving the storms today sinks further south as high pressure builds in from the north.  Highs Monday will be in the mid 70s to low 80s while lows tonight will be in the 50s to around 60 degrees.

The potential for showers and thunderstorms should increase across the Northland Tuesday and Wednesday as the boundary to our south lifts back north as a warm front while a cold front approaches from the west/southwest for Wednesday.