Sunday, May 28, 2017

Quite a few reports of small hail in far west Duluth and northwest Wisconsin this morning - Scattered storms to continue through the afternoon

/Issued 12:19 PM CDT, Sunday, May 28, 2017/


A very potent disturbance moving east through the Northland this morning helped to produce scattered thunderstorms some of which have been on the strong side with numerous reports of small hail.  Note the spin on the water vapor satellite image from this morning.  Not a lot of instability or warm air in our area this morning, but with cold air aloft and just enough warming and instability this was enough to trigger the convection Sunday morning.

Local Storm Reports for May 28, 2017

*11:53 AM:  HAIL.  0.25 inch.  Lutsen, MN 6 NNE (Cook County)

*11:51 AM:  HAIL.  0.25 inch.  Loretta, WI 4 NNE (Sawyer County)

*11:37 AM:  HAIL.  0.25 inch.  West Duluth, MN 2 N (St. Louis County)

*11:34 AM:  HAIL.  0.25 inch.  West Duluth, MN 3 N (St. Louis County)

*11:31 AM:  HAIL.  0.25 inch.  Butternut, WI (Ashland County)  Lots of hail.

*11:29 AM:  HAIL.  0.25 inch.  Hermantown, MN 2 WSW (St. Louis County)

*11:24 AM:  HAIL.  0.25 inch.  Hawthorne, WI (Douglas County)

*11:20 AM:  HAIL.  0.25 inch.  Iron Junction, MN 6 W (St. Louis County)

*10:54 AM:  HAIL.  0.25 inch.  Gary New Duluth, MN 1 WSW (St. Louis County)  Lots of pea size hail.

*10:26 AM:  HAIL.  0.25 inch.  Esko, MN 1 W (Carlton County)

*9:25 AM:  HAIL.  0.25 inch.  Northwoods Beach, WI 2 NW (Sawyer County)

*9:15 AM:  HAIL.  0.25 inch.  Stone Lake, WI (Sawyer County)