Tuesday, May 16, 2017

3 preliminary tornado reports in west central Wisconsin and numerous reports of hail - Local Storm Reports from May 16, 2017

/Issued 8:14 PM CDT, Tuesday, May 16, 2017/

Source:  http://www.spc.noaa.gov/

Source:  http://weather.unisys.com

3-hour Enhanced Infrared Satellite loop showing the cluster of supercell/severe thunderstorms that erupted late this afternoon along the Minnesota-Wisconsin state line with movement off to the east-northeast.

Local Storm Reports out of northwest Wisconsin from May 16, 2017
Source:  http://www.weather.gov/dlh/

*7:55 PM CDT:  HAIL.  0.25 inch.  Park Falls, WI 1 NNE (Price County)

*7:46 PM CDT:  FUNNEL CLOUD.  Spirit, WI (Price County)  Spotter reported funnel cloud moving toward Spirit along 102.

*7:35 PM CDT:  HAIL.  1.00 inch.  Iron River, WI (Bayfield County)

*7:26 PM CDT:  HAIL.  1.75 inch.  Kennan, WI (Price County)

*7:02 PM CDT:  HAIL.  1.75 inch.  Kennan, WI 4 S (Price County)  Golf ball sized hail reported south of Kennan.

*6:37 PM CDT:  HAIL.  0.88 inch.  Webster, WI 18 NE (Burnett County)

*6:30 PM CDT:  HAIL.  1.50 inch.  High Bridge, WI (Ashland County)

*6:18 PM CDT:  HAIL.  0.25 inch.  Webster, WI 1 E (Burnett County)

*6:17 PM CDT:  HAIL.  0.25 inch.  Namekagon, WI 1 W (Bayfield County)

*5:53 PM CDT:  HAIL.  0.25 inch.  Earl, WI 1 N (Washburn County)

*5:51 PM CDT:  HAIL.  1.50 inch.  Little Round Lake, WI 3 N (Sawyer County)  Dime size up to ping pong ball size hail.

*5:42 PM CDT:  HAIL.  0.88 inch.  Spooner, WI 7 NW (Washburn County)

*5:41 PM CDT:  HAIL.  0.25 inch.  Spooner, WI 1 NNW (Washburn County)

*5:39 PM CDT:  HAIL.  0.88 inch.  Spooner, WI (Washburn County)  Multiple reports of pea size hail to nickle size hail in Spooner.

*5:38 PM CDT:  HAIL.  0.50 inch.  Spooner, WI 1 N (Washburn County)  It hailed for a few minutes near the Spooner high school with the largest stones nearly the size of dimes.

*5:36 PM CDT:  HAIL.  0.50 inch.  Spooner, WI 3 SW (Washburn County)

*5:34 PM CDT:  HAIL.  1.00 inch.  Spooner, WI 6 WSW (Washburn County)  Range in size from peas to quarters.

Note:  Three preliminary tornado reports late this afternoon (May 16) in west central Wisconsin.

Source:  http://www.spc.noaa.gov

More information will likely be available Wednesday once storm damage surveys are complete.

*5:35 PM CDT:  TORNADO.  Chetek, WI 4 NW (Barron County)  Reports of structural damage.

*5:45 PM CDT:  TORNADO.  Chetek, WI 4 N (Barron County)  Turkey barn destroyed 4 miles north of Chetek.

*6:15 PM CDT:  TORNADO.  Weyerhaeuser, WI 5 WSW (Rusk County)

WQOW news report on the tornadoes from late this afternoon at this link http://www.wqow.com/story/35445782/2017/05/16/tornado-barron-co-sheriff-says-severe-damage-several-people-injured-in-barron-area?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter_WQOW