Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Update on the late week winter storm

/Issued 4:32 AM CST, Wednesday, February 22, 2017/

Just a quick update early this morning in regards to the winter storm for late Thursday through Friday.

-The last few runs of the NAM appear to be way too far north with the storm track and as a result it brings significant amounts of snow to most of northeast Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin.

-The GFS model although also on a more northerly track still keeps the swath of heaviest snowfall mainly over eastern Minnesota and northern Wisconsin with Duluth pretty much on the border between light snow and heavy snow.

-The European model is the farthest south/east model of them all and it's hard to ignore that trend considering this storm is only a day or so away from happening, and the EURO hasn't really budged with its storm track.  Past experience says to lean more toward the EURO than what the NAM or GFS shows.

-So having said that I still think the heaviest snowfall will stay south of Duluth and Superior with the southern half of Minnesota through western and central Wisconsin having the greatest potential for snowfall of 6-10 inches with locally higher amounts possible from late Thursday through Friday.