Tuesday, July 12, 2016

July 12, 2016: Flood update; Rainfall totals of 5-10" in east central Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin; Record or near record crests on some Northland rivers the next few days

/Issued 11:35 AM CDT, Tuesday, July 12, 2016/

Source, AerisWeather

Local Storm Reports for July 11-12, 2016
Source:  National Weather Service Duluth, Minnesota

*10:00 AM:  HEAVY RAIN.  7.90".  3 W of Yellow Lake, WI (Burnett County)  Rainfall total from 6 AM Monday through early today.  Spotter reported water level on Yellow Lake rose 8 inches, and the docks are only about 3 inches from being under water.

*6:32 PM:  THUNDERSTORM WIND DAMAGE.  1 SSE of Cable, WI (Bayfield County)  A few trees were blown down.

*10:10 AM:  HEAVY RAIN.  7.50".  1 SSE of Cable, WI (Bayfield County)  24 hour rainfall report.

*8:00 AM:  HEAVY RAIN.  3.20".  4 NE of Stone Lake, WI (Sawyer County)  24 hour rainfall report.

*8:00 AM:  HEAVY RAIN.  9.00".  3 SE of Finlayson, MN (Pine County)  36 hour rainfall report.

*8:00 AM:  HEAVY RAIN.  5.03".  1 SE of Malmo, MN (Aitkin County)  The duration of the heavy rain event was 24 hours.

*6:50 AM:  HEAVY RAIN.  2.10".  3 N of Butternut, WI (Ashland County)

*6:45 AM:  HEAVY RAIN.  9.65".  1 WSW of Saxon, WI (Iron County)

*6:32 AM:  HEAVY RAIN.  4.00".  2 W of Glidden, WI (Ashland County)

*6:15 AM:  HEAVY RAIN.  2.91".  2 E of Sarona, WI (Washburn County)  24 hour storm total rainfall.

*3:18 AM:  FLASH FLOOD.  6 N of Dads Corner, MN (Aitkin County)  Travel not advised on MN Highway 65 between 100th street near McGrath and 360th street 2 miles south of McGregor.

*8:09 PM:  FLASH FLOOD.  6 SSE of Bruno, MN (Pine County)  Flooded roadway in Fleming Township.

*8:07 AM:  HEAVY RAIN.  4.17".  2 E of Kettle River, MN (Carlton County)  2-day rain total 5.42".  Portion of gravel driveway washed away to a depth of 14 inches.  Section of gravel road washed out more than 18 inches from the shoulder.

*12:42 AM:  FLASH FLOOD.  1 WNW of Cedar, WI (Iron County)  US Highway 2 closed in both directions at Highway 169.

*12:30 AM:  FLASH FLOOD.  2 ESE of Friesland, MN (Pine County)  Interstate 35 closed between Hinckley and Sandstone due to water on the roadway.  Traffic being re-routed to Highway 61.

*12:17 AM:  FLASH FLOOD.  2 NNE of Solon Springs, WI (Douglas County)  Several inches of water on county road A just east of county road AA.

*12:00 AM:  HEAVY RAIN.  9.00".  1 SW of Hinckley, MN (Pine County)

*11:56 PM:  FLASH FLOOD.  3 WSW of Ashland, WI (Ashland County)  Wisconsin Highway 137 closed at Whipperfurth Road.

*11:45 PM:  FLASH FLOOD.  1 SE of Marengo, WI (Ashland County)  Wisconsin state Highway 13 closed in both directions at county road C.

*11:30 PM:  FLASH FLOOD.  2 ENE of Baxter, MN (Crow Wing County)  Water covering roadway at the Intersection of 371 and Excelsior Road.

*11:00 PM:  FLASH FLOOD.  2 WNW of Brainerd, MN (Crow Wing County)  Standing water near the intersection of 371 and Wioda Road.

*10:12 PM:  FLASH FLOOD.  Hinckley, MN (Pine County)  On Dunn Ave there was in excess of 8 inches of water standing on the roadway.  Also reported 6-8 inches of water standing on the roadway on 3rd street and Lawler Ave.

*9:00 PM:  FLASH FLOOD.  7 NE of Automba, MN (Carlton County)  Roadway impassable at the intersection of county road 129 and 73 due to water on roadway.

*9:00 PM:  FLASH FLOOD.  Moose Lake, MN (Carlton County)  Lots of standing water at the intersection of Elm Ave and Arrowhead Lake.

*9:00 PM:  FLASH FLOOD.  1 NE of Moose Lake, MN (Carlton County)  Road washed out along county road 61 and Mills Road.  Report of about a foot or so of standing water.

*8:25 PM:  FLASH FLOOD.  1 NNE of Pleasant Valley, MN (Carlton County)  Sheetz roadway washed out in two places.  Water coming into the basement windows and garage at a residence on the roadway.

***Observed rainfall reports as of 7 AM today, July 12, 2016***
Source:  National Weather Service Duluth, Minnesota

Wascott, WI:  10.00"
Gurney, WI:  9.65"
Hinckley, MN:  9.00"
Brainerd, MN:  8.90"
Willow River, MN:  7.0"
Aitkin, MN:  6.13"
Nisswa, MN:  5.60"
Breezy Point, MN:  5.49"
Wolford, MN:  5.25"
Moose Lake, MN:  4.70"
McGregor, MN:  4.58"
Superior, WI:  4.50"
Duluth, MN (Airport)  2.27"


-As of 6:00 AM; I-35 has reopened between Hinckley and Sandstone.

Video of flooding this morning near Cable, Wisconsin.  Source, Duluth News Tribune.

Photos of washed out roads in Iron County this morning.  https://www.facebook.com/duluthnews/posts/10157156135350501

* 12 PM update - "Flooding forces campers to evacuate a Moose Lake campground"  Source, Duluth News Tribune; https://www.instagram.com/p/BHxNvoPB6cw/

Here's a list of road closures in northwest Wisconsin as of Tuesday morning, July 12
Source:  Duluth News Tribune

U.S. Highway 2 near the Ashland-Iron County line.

State Highway 13 near Highbridge.

U.S. Highway 63 near Grand View.

State Highway 137 near Ashland.

State Highway 169 near Highway 2.

State Highway 122 near Highway 2.

State Highway 77 east of Minong.

Story from the Duluth News Tribune at this link:  http://www.duluthnewstribune.com/news/4071755-floodwaters-causing-numerous-road-closures-northland

The Duluth National Weather Service homepage has setup a link with lots of good information about the floods of July 11, 2016, included are Hydrographs for different rivers that are or will be at or above flood stage in portions of the Northland.  http://www.weather.gov/dlh/flash-flooding-2016-07-11

***Civil Emergency Message for Ashland County***  http://forecast.weather.gov/wwamap/wwatxtget.php?cwa=dlh&wwa=civil%20emergency%20message

And I'll leave you (for now) with the latest Flood Warnings per NWS Duluth:  http://forecast.weather.gov/wwamap/wwatxtget.php?cwa=dlh&wwa=flood%20warning