Sunday, February 21, 2016

February 21, 2016 - A few inches of snow possible today near Lake Superior

/Issued 8:39 AM CST, Sunday, February 21, 2016/

1-3" of snow possible today in the yellow outlined area on the map.

Snow showers possibly moderate to heavy at times will continue today in portions of Northeast Minnesota and in far Northwest Wisconsin especially near Lake Superior -- Northeast winds blowing over Lake Superior combined with a lot of cold air sitting just north of the lake with morning temperatures in the teens and 20s below zero will combine with 850mb temperatures of -8 to -12C and lake water temps in the 30s to help produce this snowfall today.  There is also an area of good convergence this morning along the North Shore of Lake Superior and that area of convergence should persist through the day although it may weaken a bit by the afternoon.

-If you have travel plans today near Lake Superior be prepared for changing weather and road conditions along with reduced visibility due to these snow showers.

Meteorological winter 2015-16 snowfall total at the Duluth Airport

(December 1 - February 20)

-0.4" below average

Meteorological winter 2015-16 precipitation total at the Duluth Airport

(December 1 - February 20)

+2.63" above average

Note:  Were in the final full week of winter with the unofficial end to meteorological winter coming on February 29th.  Precipitation this winter will finish above average at Duluth but the snowfall total should end up fairly close to average or very close to average depending on what happens during the final 9 days of February.  Note:  The average snowfall total during the winter is 49.5".