Monday, July 19, 2010

Saturday, July 17th, 2010 Storm Chase

First tornadic supercell of the day, this was in the town of Medina Minnesota (west suburbs of Minneapolis) A tornado was reported, probably a rain wrapped one, 2 miles southwest of Watertown Minnesota at 5:01 PM CDT which was about 15-20 miles off to our west-southwest. This supercell was dropping more south then east, so we were unable to drop far enough to the southwest to get onto that side of the storm. In the photo above you can clearly see the inflow cloud aka beaver tail, also the lowering (wall cloud) Very good inflow winds in Medina while this picture was taken. The next picture was taken from Plymouth Minnesota, a little east-southeast of Medina MN, the supercell we had been following was starting to weaken now as it no longer had the inflow cloud or wall cloud visible in the storm. This first supercell held up for quite sometime...Tracking mainly southeast or south-southeast along the Interstate 94 corridor in Central Minnesota before finally weakening southwest of the Twin Cities. For the most part this storm was elevated and produced some very large hail as big 4.25" in diameter! The storm finally turned surface based late Saturday Afternoon west of the Twin Cities where it dropped at least one tornado.
Our next move was to head back to the north to intercept the supercells and bow echo that were dropping southeast out of Central Minnesota once again. We arrived in Princeton Minnesota (Mille Lacs County) around 6:45 PM CDT and waited for the next round of storms to move in. A tornado warning was issued for Mille Lacs County, sirens went off and the local fire department were driving around the city of Princeton, warning the public of the approaching severe weather, this was a good 20-25 minutes before the storm arrived, so plenty of time for people to seek shelter!
A brief rope tornado was reported 3 miles east of Foreston Minnesota at 7:25 PM CDT Saturday, July 17th, 2010. This was about 15 miles north-northwest of Princeton Minnesota in Mille Lacs County.
Shawn, Sam, and I left Duluth around 2 PM Saturday and returned back home around 9:45 PM Saturday Evening.
Total mileage:
Counties covered:
Carlton MN, Pine MN, Kanabec MN, Mille Lacs MN, Sherburne MN, Wright MN and Hennepin MN.
Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy the pictures!