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Oh boy, we set the clocks back an hour this weekend; Updated precip/temp outlooks for November in Today's blog; A little snow or rain Friday Night-Saturday?

Issued 3:48 PM CDT, Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

*The Climate Prediction Center released their updated outlook for November 2012.  A wetter than average month ahead for Minnesota and Wisconsin? Keep in mind that Duluth's average snowfall for November is 13.7" and the average precipitation is 2.09".

*The updated temperature outlook for November 2012 calls for an equal chance of above, below, or normal temperatures in Northeast Minnesota and Northwest Wisconsin.  (CPC)

A very cold Halloween Morning in the Northland

Low temperature report for October 31, 2012
Source:  National Weather Service Duluth, MN

International Falls, MN:  12F
Hibbing, MN:  13F
Crane Lake, MN:  12F
Ely, MN:  12F
Cook, MN:  10F
Bigfork, MN:  12F
Superior, WI:  14F
Siren, WI:  14F
Babbitt, MN:  8F
Embarrass, MN:  10F
3 E of Orr, MN:  13F

Weather Tidbits:

*Will October go down as the 1st month since June 2011 with a below average monthly temperature at Duluth, Minnesota?  Seems pretty likely that it will,…

1 to 2 feet of snow in the mountains out east with hurricane Sandy; Snow report in Today's blog. A pleasantly cool Halloween for the Northland. Friday Night-Saturday Evening light rain/snow threat? A bigger storm brewing for the 9th-11th?

Issued 4:18 PM CDT, Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

Note: 5.9% of the U.S. is covered by snow as of October 30th, 2012.  At this time last year, 7.4% of the U.S. was covered by snow.  (NOHRSC)

Hurricane/Super Storm Sandy tidbits:
Source:  MPR Updraft Blog

-Over 8 million without power.  2.4 million in New Jersey alone.

-Major damage on each of the New Jersey major rail lines.

-Unprecedented devastation along the Jersey Shore according to New Jersey governor Chris Christie.

-As Sandy made landfall Monday Evening it's pressure was 946mb which tied with the Great Long Island Express Hurricane of 1938 for most powerful storm in the Northeast U.S., North of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.

-This was New York City's worst hurricane (dating back to 1624)

-A 9 foot storm surge rode in on top of the high tide Monday Evening with water levels of 13.88 feet at the Battery.  This smashed the previous high water record of 11.2 feet set in 1821 (The Great Hurricane)

-Sandy's pressure of 940mb…

Quiet weather in the Northland for the next several days; Sandy satellite images in Today's blog; And a recap of Sunday's snow NW of Duluth.

Issued 3:51 PM CDT, Monday, October 29th, 2012

*Gigantic Hurricane Sandy nearing landfall as of 4 PM Today.  The latest advisory out of the National Hurricane Center indicates a 940mb pressure or 27.76"  with winds of 90 mph.  Movement was toward the west-northwest at 28 mph.  The center of Sandy was 30 miles east-southeast of Cape May New Jersey or about 40 miles south of Atlantic City New Jersey.

*Here's a color enhanced satellite imagery of Hurricane Sandy.  This image was from 11:45 AM CDT Today.  (NOAA)

High temperature report for Duluth, Minnesota (Airport location)

October 21-27, 2012:

10/21:  56F/7 degrees above average
10/22:  52F/3 degrees above average
10/23:  49F/1 degree above average
10/24:  57F/9 degrees above average
10/25:  44F/3 degrees below average
10/26:  38F/9 degrees below average
10/27:  40F/6 degrees below average

Low temperature report for Duluth, Minnesota (Airport location)

October 21-27, 2012:

10/21:  38F/5 degrees above average
10/22:  45F/12 degrees …

Looking back at the great storm of October 2010 in Today's blog. A little light snow/flurries late Tonight-Sunday, otherwise a quiet few days of weather across the Northland.

Issued at 4:29 PM CDT, Saturday, October 27th, 2012

*Surface map from 26 October 2010.  A record-setting 955mb surface low in Northern Minnesota, near Bigfork.  Source:  National Weather Service Duluth, MN.

Weather Rewind:

-Remembering the great storm of October 2010.  A powerful fall storm with record low barometric pressure readings affected much of the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes in late October 2010.  Intense winds, very heavy rain, and significant amounts of snow accompanied this massive storm.

Note:  At Duluth, Minnesota:  The precipitation total from October 23-27, 2010 was 3.74".  Total snowfall was 7.7".

*Regional impacts from the Great storm of October 2010.  Source:  National Weather Service Duluth, Minnesota.

*An incredible satellite image capturing this massive storm which hit 2 years ago on October 26-27.  Source:  National Weather Service Duluth, MN.

Weather Tidbits:

*Friday's high temperature of 38F at Duluth, Minnesota was the coldest maximum temperature…

*Complete snowfall report in Today's blog* Latest update on the drought, slight improvements this past week in both Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Issued 3:55 PM CDT, Thursday, October 25th, 2012

*Precipitation map for the past 24 hours, ending This Morning, October 25th, 2012.  Widespread much needed precipitation fell across much of Southern/Eastern Minnesota, and in Western, Central, and Northern Wisconsin.  Legend is on the right side of the map.

*Snowfall report for October 25, 2012*
Source:  National Weather Service

St. Louis County:

3 E of Orr, MN:  4.8"
5 N of Virginia, MN:  3.0"
McKinley, MN:  2.8"
Saginaw, MN:  2.5"
1 E of Floodwood, MN:  2.3"

Itasca County:

Nashwauk, MN:  4.8"
Keewatin, MN:  4.5"
Warba, MN:  3.8"
Grand Rapids, MN:  2.5"
12 N of Taconite, MN:  2.2"
7 SE of Grand Rapids, MN:  2.0"

Aitkin County:

7 N of McGregor, MN:  2.9"
Aitkin, MN:  2.0"
Hill City, MN:  1.8"

*Note, this snow depth map only goes through This Morning.  Up to 1.0" of snow fell in areas that are shaded in gray in Minnesota.

Precipitation report for October 24-25,…

Showers/few t'storms Tonight (severe risk in NW WI) Snow and Rain for Thursday, sticking snow likely for some. Winter Weather headlines may be needed for Tomorrow.

Issued at 3:39 PM CDT, Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

*Snowfall forecast for Thursday per 15z SREF model run.  Snow totals for Tomorrow have been increasing per past few model runs, it now looks like a couple inches of snow will accumulate on Thursday in portions of the Northland.  More info. below.  Legend is on the left side of the map.

*A slight to moderate risk for at least 4" of snow includes Western, Central, and Northern Minnesota on Thursday per HPC.

Rainfall report for October 23-24, 2012 (ending around 7 AM Today)
Source:  National Weather Service

International Falls, MN:  0.39"
Grand Marais, MN:  1.31"
Hibbing, MN:  0.10"
Bruno, MN:  0.12"
12 N of Isle, MN:  0.13"
12 N of Grand Rapids, MN:  0.45"
Embarrass, MN:  0.12"
Grand Portage, MN:  1.84"
4 E of Island Lake, MN:  0.27"
Kabetogama, MN:  0.40"
3 E of Orr, MN:  0.36"
Silver Bay, MN:  0.66"
Finland, MN:  0.65"
Butternut, WI:  0.22"
Gurney, WI:  0.46&qu…

Morning weather update regarding the severe potential for later Today and maybe some snow on Thursday.

Issued at 10:11 AM CDT, Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

...Morning weather update regarding the potential for severe weather later Today and snow on Thursday...

*Surface observations as of 9:43 AM CDT.  Upper teens and 20s showing up in Montana with 70s in Southern Iowa This Morning, wow!

At 9 AM CDT:  A stationary front extended from Western Lake Superior to Northwest Wisconsin to Southeast Minnesota and Central Iowa. A spring like airmass exists near and ahead of this boundary with mid-Morning temperatures already in the 50s and 60s with even some 70s further south in Iowa.  Meanwhile, a load of very cold air covered the Northern Rockies and spilling over into portions of the Dakotas where 9 AM temperatures were in the teens, 20s, and lower 30s.

Not much is happening in terms of precipitation This Morning, but that should be changing This Afternoon and Tonight as energy in the form of a potent upper level trough and strong jet stream winds head E/NE out of the Rockies.  The stationary f…

*ALERT* Dense Fog Advisory Tonight-Wednesday AM. Rain; Severe t'storms; Isolated tornadoes and some snow? Lots to discuss in Today's blog; Oh and an EF1 Tornado in California on Monday!

Issued at 3:45 PM CDT, Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

*Conditions look favorable for the development of a few severe thunderstorms Wednesday Afternoon/Night from Central Iowa to Southern Minnesota and Western-Central Wisconsin.  The map below is from the SREF model (15z run) This is the calibrated severe weather probability forecast for Wednesday PM.  (Source, SPC)

Source:  National Weather Service

A dense fog advisory is in effect from 10 PM CDT Tonight until 10 AM CDT Wednesday for the entire Northland. 

Counties included are:

Koochiching MN
Itasca MN
Cass MN
Crow Wing MN
Aitkin MN
Pine MN
Carlton MN
St. Louis MN
Lake MN
Cook MN

Douglas WI
Bayfield WI
Ashland WI
Iron WI
Burnett WI
Washburn WI
Sawyer WI
Price WI

Some cities included in the advisory:

International Falls MN...Grand Rapids MN...Walker MN...Brainerd MN...Aitkin MN...Pine City MN...Moose Lake MN...Duluth MN...Hibbing MN...Ely MN...Two Harbors MN...Silver Bay MN...Grand Marais MN.  Superior WI...Solon Springs …

Looks a little rainy at times through Thursday; Colder air set to arrive later this week. SREF model tornado forecast map for Wed; And the U.S. snow depth map included in Today's blog. Happy Monday!

Issued at 3:50 PM CDT, Monday, October 22nd, 2012

*I had to dig out the tornado conditions index map for what will probably be the last time until next Spring.  Here's the 15z SREF model tornado forecast for Wednesday PM, October 24th, 2012.  Some decent numbers showing up in Iowa, Southern Minnesota, and Central Wisconsin.  Certainly something to keep an eye on for Wednesday.  

Today's Weather Summary for Northeast Minnesota and Northwest Wisconsin

Low pressure of 1008mb was in Southeast Nebraska with high pressure of 1022mb over Southeast Manitoba as of 3 PM.  A stationary front stretched from Southern Kansas to Central Iowa to the Wisconsin-Illinois state line, this front has been the focus for showers and thunderstorms with locally heavy downpours Today in parts of Iowa, Southeast Minnesota, Southern Wisconsin, and Northern Illinois.  Our area was too far north of this boundary Today, and as a result we saw little to no rain Today, but we did have plenty of clouds with hig…

A showery week ahead; Maybe a few t'storms to boot; Cold air hits late this week; Lake effect snow possible for the South Shore of Lake Superior in NW WI Oct.27-29

Issued at 3:45 PM CDT, Sunday, October 21st, 2012

*6-10 day temperature outlook from the Climate Prediction Center.  This is valid for October 27-31, 2012.  Pretty good odds for below average temperatures for Minnesota and Wisconsin, and in any area that is shaded in blue.  The legend is on the bottom of the map.

High temperature report for Duluth, Minnesota (Airport location)

October 14-20, 2012

10/14:  54F/1 degree above normal
10/15:  57F/5 degrees above normal
10/16:  66F/14 degrees above normal
10/17:  54F/3 degrees above normal
10/18:  53F/2 degrees above normal
10/19:  51F/1 degree above normal
10/20:  53F/3 degrees above normal

Low temperature report for Duluth, Minnesota (Airport location)

October 14-20, 2012

10/14:  39F/3 degrees above normal
10/15:  28F/7 degrees below normal
10/16:  43F/8 degrees above normal
10/17:  44F/9 degrees above normal
10/18:  34F/10 degrees above normal
10/19:  37F/3 degrees above normal
10/20:  30F/4 degrees below normal

*Temperature departure map f…