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Latest info. on Tuesday's thunderstorm/severe potential. Another update may be needed Tuesday Morning.

Issued at 3:46 PM CDT, Monday, April 30th, 2012

A few showers early This EveningScattered showers-thunderstorms (severe?) Tuesday/Tuesday NightAdditional chances for showers mid to late week
-15z SREF significant tornado ingredients index for late Tuesday Afternoon, centered at 7pm.  Eastcentral Minnesota could have an isolated spin-up, more details below.

Weather Tidbits:

April 2012 had more days in the 50s at Duluth, Minnesota, but fewer days in the 60s and 70s compared to March.

Number of days at or above 50F:  20 in April vs. 14 in March.
Number of days at or above 60F:  4 in April vs. 7 in March.
Number of days at or above 70F:  1 in April vs. 4 in March.

Rainfall report for Sunday Night/Monday Morning, April 29th-30th, 2012
Source:  National Weather Service Duluth, Minnesota

Prentice, WI:  0.70"
Butternut, WI:  0.27"
Saxon, WI:  0.20"
4 miles west of Clam Lake, WI:  0.15"
Hayward, WI:  0.09"

Today's Weather Summary for Northeast Minnesota and Northwest W…

Scattered showers Tonight/Monday. Thundery Tuesday? Possible severe weather?

Issued at 8:00 PM CDT, Sunday, April 29th, 2012

Scattered showers Tonight and MondaySevere thunderstorm potential for TuesdayMost of us will have above average temperatures for the next several days
-12z 4km Hi-Res NAM forecast...Here's 1 model's take on how things could play out late Tuesday Afternoon and Evening.  This model shows thunderstorm development across Northcentral Minnesota.  More details below...

High temperature report for Duluth, Minnesota

April 22nd-28th, 2012.  2nd number represents the departure from average.

April 22nd:  47 degrees/-6 degrees
April 23rd:  59 degrees/+6 degrees
April 24th:  66 degrees/+12 degrees
April 25th:  49 degrees/-5 degrees
April 26th:  53 degrees/-2 degrees
April 27th:  50 degrees/-5 degrees
April 28th:  50 degrees/-6 degrees

Low temperature report for Duluth, Minnesota

April 22nd-28th, 2012.  2nd number represents the departure from average.

April 22nd:  34 degrees/+1 degree
April 23rd:  25 degrees/-8 degrees
April 24th:  47 degrees/+13 …

Oh those Ontario highs are powerful! Another crisp night ahead. Showery rains next week.

Issued at 3:57 PM CDT, Saturday, April 28th, 2012

Dry and cool TonightA risk for some showers Sunday Night-Monday along with near to above normal tempsChance for off an on showers most of next week, maybe some thunder?
-A very cool looking visible satellite image from This Afternoon.  Clear skies north of Duluth, cloudier skies from near Duluth and points south.

-Here's another visible satellite loop from earlier Today.  Note the clear skies in Northern Minnesota and Lake Superior, ahh the power of an Ontario high!

Today's Weather Summary for Northeast Minnesota and Northwest Wisconsin

High pressure ridge averaging 1026mb extended from Central Ontario Province to Lake Huron This Afternoon with low pressure of 1010mb covering Northwest South Dakota.  A very fine line between sunshine and clouds Today and this line was pretty much along the Highway 2 corridor in Northeast Minnesota.  Locations north of Highway 2 saw mainly sunny skies and pleasant temperatures Today with highs in …

Gusty east winds and cool temps near Lake Superior Tonight and Saturday. Latest drought maps and Tonight's frost/freeze map.

Issued at 4:28 PM CDT, Friday, April 27th, 2012

Near to below normal temperatures into SaturdayWarming up a bit away from Lake Superior on SundayLooks dry this weekendNumerous shower chances next week
-Kinda wet in Westcentral/Southern Minnesota Tonight and Saturday.  A quarter to half inch of rain could fall thru Tomorrow, might even become cold enough for some ice pellets/wet snow flakes late Tonight-Saturday Morning.  (HPC)

Weather Tidbits:

*Some spots up north dropped into the mid and upper teens last night.  Silver Bay, MN:  18 F.  Ely, MN:  19 F.  Crane Lake, MN:  19 F.  Babbitt, MN:  16 F.  Embarrass, MN:  17 F.  (NWS Duluth)

*98.22% of Minnesota is abnormally dry which is down from 99.26% one week ago.  63.44% of Minnesota remains in moderate drought which is down from 64.62% last week.  22.58% of Minnesota is in severe drought which is down from 23.06% last week.  (Climate Prediction Center)

-Wisconsin drought monitor as of April 24th, 2012 per CPC.  Western parts of Burnett Co…

Clear/chilly Tonight. A brisk east wind develops in Duluth on Friday.

Issued at 4:42 PM CDT, Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Dry weather pattern with near to below average temps thru SundayFrost/freeze potential Tonight and for the next few nightsShowers could return next week
-If you live in the areas shaded in blue, be prepared for a frost/hard freeze come Friday Morning (

Weather Tidbits:

-Thru April 25th:  3.70" of precipitation has fallen at Duluth, Minnesota which is 1.76" above average.  Our monthly average temperature is 42.1 degrees which is 3.6 degrees above average.

-Hottest April day on record on Wednesday, April 25th, 2012 at Lubbock and Childress, Texas.  The high temperature was 104 degrees at Lubbock and 106 degrees at Childress.  (Paul Douglas. St. Cloud Times)

-The high temperature of 104 degrees at Lubbock, TX on Wednesday was 26 degrees above normal for April 25th and was 9 degrees above normal for July 4th! It also beat their previous record high by 18 degrees!  (Twitter; @chasetheplains; @JeffLast; @Geostrophic)

A few showers This Evening. Dry late Tonight thru the weekend. Possible snow/rain event Fri-Sat for the Northern Plains, maybe into parts of MN?

Issued at 4:17 PM CDT, Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Frost/freeze potential Tonight, and for the next few nightsScattered showers linger This Evening, clearing later TonightA dry pattern sets in Thursday and lasts into the weekend
-HPC forecasters have parts of North Dakota in a moderate to high risk for at least 4" of snow from 7pm Friday-7pm Saturday.

-HPC forecast for snowfall amounts of >1" for Friday Night and Saturday.

Rainfall report for Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Effie, MN:  0.16"
Bigfork, MN:  0.11"
Cohasset, MN:  0.23"
Grand Rapids, MN:  0.13"
Hill City, MN:  0.18"
Moose Lake, MN:  0.13"
Cromwell, MN:  0.15"

Saginaw, MN:  0.39"
Duluth, MN:  0.32"
Hibbing, MN:  0.19"
Superior, WI:  0.37"
Minong, WI:  0.17"
Washburn, WI:  0.26"
Hayward, WI:  0.22"
Winter, WI:  0.25"
Clam Lake, WI:  0.24"
Ashland, WI:  0.15"
Glidden, WI:  0.14"

High temperature report for Tue…

Looks a little wet late Tonight/Wednesday.

Issued at 4:47 PM CDT, Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Shower chances Tonight and Wednesday, maybe an isolated thunderstorm?Dry pattern sets in Wednesday Night thru the weekendCooler temperatures area-wide by Thursday thru the weekend
-18z Duluth WRF model rainfall forecast for Tonight thru 1pm Wednesday.  Looks like generally 0.10" or less of precipitation, but there will be heavier totals in spots, note the darker blue colors and even some green in far Northeast Minnesota.

-19z HRRR model run, this is also a precipitation forecast which is valid thru 5am Wednesday Morning.

-And finally the HPC precip forecast valid thru 7pm Wednesday.

Weather Tidbits:

*3 days so far this month with a high temperature of at least 60F in Duluth, Minnesota.  Last month we had 7 days.  April 2011 had 4 days.

*On this date in 1990:  A record high temperature of 82 degrees occurred at Duluth, Minnesota.

*14 severe weather reports (wind damage) on April 23rd, all the reports were in the Northern Rockies and P…

**Allergy Alert** **Allergy Alert** Grab the meds! Ridges, troughs, a weekend slop-fest..Oh and some rain for Duluth Tue Night/Wed

Issued at 3:50 PM CDT, Monday, April 23rd, 2012

Scattered showers into mid-weekMild temperatures thru WednesdayA colder end to the week/weekend appears likelyPotential rain/snow system this weekend for Southern Minnesota
-A potential weekend slop-fest for portions of the Northern Plains and Upper Midwest? This is the 12z GFS model from Today, this shows where there could be some sticking snow on Saturday, April 28th.  Stay tuned!

Weather Tidbits:

*12 days so far this month with a low temperature of 32 degrees or colder at Duluth, Minnesota.  March had 15 days.

*14 days so far this month with a high temperature of at least 50 degrees at Duluth, Minnesota.  This equals what we had the entire month of March.

*Hottest April day on record was tied on Sunday at Phoenix, 105 degrees.  Las Vegas, 99 degrees.  And at Death Valley, 113 degrees.  (TWC)

Today's Weather Summary for Northeast Minnesota and Northwest Wisconsin

A ridge of high pressure averaging 1016-1020mb stretched from the Upper …